Michael’s first book, Nation Building in Islam was written in 1977 as his PhD thesis. It is a fascinating study of how most Arab leaders created functioning states but failed to establish cohesive nations. Michael revisited the book four years ago and decided that now was the time to put it into the public domain.

Michael’s love of writing has also extended to fiction. He wrote a novel, The Maskmaker which was published to considerable acclaim in 2012. Part fact, part fiction, it was based on his personal experiences of life in LA during the early 1990’s. The easy divorce society in which he lived at that time and the resulting casual destruction of family life was so alien to his upbringing. An unusual and complex novel of two couples’ lives, love and deception woven into an interesting story.

Seventh Century Man: Volume 1

Publisher: E-Learning International
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1978236431

“By means of your democracy we shall invade you, by means of our religion we shall conquer you. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”

The post Brexit Europe should aim to stop the creeping incursion of illiberal and authoritarian ideologies disguised as “religions” or “cultures” into the continent’s liberal and democratic way of life. In most European nations, our adherence to liberal values has resulted in the growth of illiberal values. To put it differently our liberal societies began to tolerate the intolerant. If this trend is not stopped, its long term consequences will be catastrophic for the face of Europe as we and our ancestors have known it.

Europe’s tolerance and support of the wrongly called ideal of multi-culturalism has resulted in the growth of a continent of multi-faithism. The revival of a religious narrative as an inevitable backlash to the growth of alien religiosity amidst secular Europe is a disturbing phenomenon. It took Europe five hundred years of evolution to reach this stage of separation of state and religion.

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Nation Building in Islamic Society

Publisher: Pen Press (16 April 2014)
Language: English

The Islamic world is centuries away from this ideal. Armed with the West’s blueprint, can it leapfrog a lengthy historical process and achieve in a few decades what the West took centuries to accomplish? So far all indications point the other way. The mind set of Islamists, literalists and their sympathisers is rooted in the sixth century. Democracy starts with the deliverance of the individual and its foundation lies in the family, the building bloc of the nation. Nation Building is the ultimate endeavour in a lengthy road map beginning with “Man Building”. Here the West has succeeded in vanquishing the scourge of patriarchy and the medieval culture of machismo. It has established equality between men and women, a far cry from today’s reality in the Islamic world where the culture of shame (AAR & EIB), honour (SHARAF mostly as related to females’ sexual life), and HARAM (as forbidden by Allah) reigns supreme. The Region, in its current Islamic year of 1434 AH Hijri, is on the eve of the very same convulsions and seismic changes that began to sweep the West in and before the same year of 1434 AD.

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The Maskmaker

Publisher: Pen Press (6 Nov. 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1907499784

Ira’s story is shocking. LA’s most eligible bachelor and successful businessman in Hollywood’s glamorous motion picture industry, has everything he wants– then he meets Martha.

Across the Atlantic, Alex tells his uncannily similar story as he finds himself totally unmasked by the woman he loves – Cathy.

A drama of tangled relationships unravels…

Both Ira and Alex are united by a common bond of experience – both caught up in intricate webs of sex, lies and deceit,both women wearing the mask of pretence concealing their true identities and past.

Engaging, frank, sensitive, and even heart-breaking, the Maskmaker’s tale is compulsive reading.

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