Brexit-On-The-Hill: 2020 – A 21st Century Fable

Nestling on top of a mountain in a faraway land, Brexit-On-The-Hill is the Shangri la of the fantasists, the daydreamers, the disillusioned and disgruntled, and everyone who’s ever dreamed of a better life, fulfilling work and rich rewards. Above all Brexit-on-the-hill had a magnetic pull on every “leader” who yearned to return to past glories of gone-by times. Charlatans of all descriptions saw opportunities for self-aggrandisement away from the prying eyes of “higher” and “foreign” authorities thus the town’s mantra “FREE AT LAST”.

Brexit-On-The-Hill is inhabited by those who wished to live a life unencumbered by aliens from other countries. No Poles, no Romanians nor the terrible French and Germans. In Brexit-On-The-Hill the citizens acquired control over their finances, laws, borders etc. Free at last they chanted Free at last to exercise “full control” on whoever comes and goes into their cherished land. After all, in distant times Brexit-On-The-Hill was the Master of the Universe and now its citizens, yearned to reclaim their rightful heritage and what had always been theirs: Unfettered superiority and hegemony over all!

“Independence” and “control” also brought leisure time to Brexit-On-The-Hill whose citizens became disdainful of certain jobs. This meant more and more opportunities for their “dear friends” the hard-working men and women from the Great Commonwealth and from other faraway lands. More and more came to replace those dreaded Europeans who were pushed back to their motherlands.

“What a contented country” wrote one of the town founders, Boris Marage in a letter to his illustrious co-founder Nigel Rownson. “the call to prayer emanating from the minarets of the mosques in every corner of our beautiful cities is soulful and peaceful unlike the noisy and irritating chiming bells of previous times” he wrote.

Brexit-On-The-Hill: 2025 – Free At Last

The dust of historical change has now settled on Brexit-On-The-Hill. Shangri la is now enjoying its freedom and full control over its borders, laws and finances. The parasitic foreigners from neighbouring lands have all gone. Fortunately, they were all replaced by others from the friendly old colonies Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and others.

And yet “something doesn’t seem right” wrote the highly respected political commentator Graham B Lewis on his recent sojourn in Brexit-On-The-Hill. The initial appearance of contentment and pride in their achievement belied a bewilderment as to the turn of events. A feeling of disappointment and betrayal was felt by most residents. “we were portrayed as the helpless victims of an authoritarian unaccountable bureaucracy in Brussels “confided a senior member of the new cabinet. “Steadfast Britannia” the heroic underdog was fighting for its very survival from the clutches of the nasty foreign domination. Like good patriots we stood up for our country. It didn’t take us long to realize that we the people have been taken for a ride by a motley of unscrupulous self-serving leaders.

A lot of soul searching, and enquiry led us to the facts of what had happened. It turned out that not only did we willingly join the union our leaders wanted us out of, but also how much we contributed to shape it in order to safeguard our interests.

And many more questions. We are utterly confused.


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