Is Russia friendless? Putin and Thug Buddies

Anyone who thinks Putin has no friends needs to think again. His top 4 “Thug Buddies” who openly supported him in his crime against Belarus are:

No 1 Syria’s Bashar Al Assad who owes Putin his very own survival. His motto and that of his father before him the master butcher of Aleppo Hafez al-Assad had always been “We Are The Nation”. Few of Bashar’s citizens remain “standing” The remaining have escaped to faraway lands while their master has been enjoying the Presidency of Syria for over 21 years.

No 2 Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko who’s the only Leader in his country to have served as president since 1994. Like Putin Lukashenko brooks no dissent. He is the first European leader ever to force down an aeroplane full of passengers in order to seize a dissident Journalist Roman Protasevich, who disagreed with his political views and had him imprisoned indefinitely.

No 3 Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro under his rule Venezuela went from a rich democracy to a dictatorship on the brink of collapse and was rated one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world.

No 4 Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, like Putin, Al Assad , Lukashenko and Maduro he is determined to hold on to power until both he and his wife die or until all his citizens perished or escaped the country ! Ortega started his career as a nationalist democrat and ended as a “strongman for life”.

Supporters of Putin come in various shapes and sizes. But all have one thing in common authoritarianism and despise of democracy and individual freedom.

Enter the United Arab Emirates, world renowned cheque signer who embraces the same values as the above Putin friends. A traditional “friend” of America and the west who abstained the vote rather than openly support the US sponsored resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (In the Arab art of face saving particularly in international relations abstaining is often the Arab way of voting against rather than offending friends ) The United Arab Emirates like most Arab Gulf states find it easier to identify with dictatorships (kindred spirits) than with democracies with whom they have little in common and who are more likely to encourage regime change. America’s effort to topple Syria’s Bashar Al Assad was defeated by Russia. While considering these factors, it is clear that UAE came to the conclusion that for its own long term political survival (in other words the survival of the ruling family) Russia is a more dependable and safer ally than the unreliable democratic West.


The Taliban – End of a 20 Year War

Not long after his presidential victory president Biden was faced with an important test of leadership by non-other than a Seventh Century regime, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!

The “Emirate” pounced as soon as Biden withdrew his troops from their country. Rather than respond with the only language such regimes comprehend namely the language of power he acted at first with what appeared to be obsequious deference and weakness, resulting in having his own reputation tarnished across the globe. The Americans and their allies were accused of leaving the country too soon before the mission had been fully accomplished. They on the other hand had come to the conclusion that there was nothing more the west could do to turn Afghanistan into a democratic twenty first century nation other than to continue their presence in a nation that loathes the west and its infidels however many benefits their nation had enjoyed. To cut short his losses Biden’s only remaining choice was departure.

On leaving the country the west was then faced with a second moral dilemma what to become of this penniless and lawless nation. The Americans, the British and other European nations had had enough dealings with what they considered an ungrateful nation whose leaders were happy to grab as much as possible from the “infidels” while contributing anything to the betterment of their own wretched citizens. It also became apparent to the West that Time in the Emirates had stopped still in the Seventh Century (like it has in many other Muslim nations) and that there was very little anyone can do to resuscitate it from the abysses they chose for themselves.

In Afghanistan the west had spent billions of dollars trying to salvage that country from the wretched lifestyle it inhabits. By then it had become clear to America and its allies that they are no longer capable of bail out a nation wanting to continue living in its Seventh Century universe. That exercise was tried, tested and failed and will undoubtedly continue to fail again. In the words of Albert Einstein. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

On whom then does this thankless task fall and who ought to come to the rescue? If it is not the west who should then take this responsibility? The only choice left was for the Afghanis themselves to bear their own responsibility assisted economically by their affluent fellow Muslims and friends in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain who were the first nations to provide the Taliban with recognition as an independent state.

Nevertheless, recognition by the west should be postponed for at least 5 years until important conditions are met by the Taliban.

  1. Prohibition of entry to the country of all terrorists, or involvement in international terrorism whether directly or indirectly.
  2. Equal rights for women and girls including right to education, employment, inheritance rights, freedom of marriage and travel unsupervised by men guardians.
  3. The freedom of all citizens who helped the American and the Europeans to leave the country unhindered whenever they choose.

The above are basic human rights recognized by all European nation. If these are not acceptable to the Islamic Emirate, they should seek financial aid and recognition from fellow Muslim nations with whom they share common beliefs and heritage.

Turkey’s Genocide

Well done President Joe Biden for calling the massacre of Armenians in Turkey by its correct name – genocide.

It’s time the world recognises that the first Genocide of the 20th century occurred in a Muslim nation, Turkey, killing a million and a half of its peace abiding citizens. The reason was none other than the pending disintegration of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey today). The nation was going through dreadful war conditions. What better to distract its citizens from their own government’s incompetence and failures than the tried and tested method of scapegoating its own resident minorities who conveniently happened to be the “INFIDEL” Christian Armenians.

President Erdogan, currently stripping his nation of its hard-earned Ataturk freedoms, is finding excuses and justifications for this crime when in fact a long overdue Turkish apology and compensation to the Armenians is what is needed. Germany submitted an official state apology to Israel with regard to the Holocaust. Time Turkey does the honourable same to its own Armenian victims!

Gangster Leaders

Profile of Gangster Leaders

  1. Total disregard and disrespect for their citizens
  2. Citizens are treated as disposable objects in the service of the leaders.
  3. Gangster Leaders do not “rule” nor “Govern” a nation, they “own” it
  4. Gangster Leaders rule in perpetuity unless they have been forcibly removed.
  5. Elections, voting, and other Western democratic practices are only their “pantomime of deception” to placate their gullible citizens and trusting foreigners.

How then should the world deal with Gangster Leaders who in many cases happen to be extremely rich. Should they be left to wreak havoc and murder on their citizens? “Not our business” some might say, “why interfere in other nations affairs”. Why should we be concerned with the Mohammad bin Salmons of this world (the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) who engineered the murder of an innocent journalist (Jamal Khashoggi) and had his body cut up to pieces and buried nowhere to be found. Should the world overlook the murderous war ravaged under his leadership on impoverished Yemen causing the death of thousands of its innocent citizens and resulting in destroying almost an entire nation.

On the other hand, what must the world think of Bashar Al Assad of Syria, another example of a Gangster Leader who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his countrymen with #nervegas and weapons of mass destruction and destroyed the country’s entire infrastructure resulting in the escape of millions of his citizens into diaspora around the world.

The above two examples of the common “Gangster Leader” getting away with murder is often aided and abetted by rouge nations such as #Russia, #China #Iran. What is to be done with these men? The answer is not to be found in their own counties which they control and terrorize with an iron fist. The answer can only lie in the United Nations whose main raison d’etre has been to preserve international peace around the world and to combat terrorism and extremism, promoting national safety, and Human Rights.

The United Nations has helped enact dozens of legally binding agreements on political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights. The time is now to address its attention to the urgent case of Gangster Leaders.

The following measures are overdue and should be enacted as a matter of urgency.

Crime and punishment

  1. Gangster Leaders should be cut off from all contact with other world leaders.
  2. Rouge nations supporting Gangster Leaders should be subjected to serious International penalties and sanctions
  3. Gangster Leaders, proven to have committed serious crimes against their people, should be added to Interpol’s Most Wanted Lists to be apprehended for trial should they ever step out of their home countries.

Canada Legalises The Use Of Cannabis For Recreational Purposes

Canada has decided to legalize cannabis as a recreational drug for all its citizens. Justification: the usual depressing and ill thought out pseudo liberal narrative. This regrettable decision makes Canada the first G7 nation to go this far. Obviously the country’s leaders have not looked into the serious mental health damage this drug has done to thousands of teenagers worldwide. Even though it is illegal for minors to buy the drug , this has never stopped the impressionable and vulnerable young between the ages of 12- 19 from indulging in this recreation. Teenage brains are not fully developed until the age of 25. The introduction of any drug/toxic substance to the brain of a teenager/ young person under this age has serious consequences.

Contrary to common belief, cannabis is not harmless. It is responsible for most cases of serious mental health issues among teenagers. Schizophrenia is a case in point. Cannabis triggers the onset or relapse of schizophrenia in most users particularly among teenagers with a predisposition to mental health issues.. Use of the drug exacerbates dormant symptoms. A visit to a any psychiatric ward in the UK will provide doubters with the unpleasant facts. Most recent studies show that use of marijuana during adolescence significantly increases the risk of schizophrenia.

An exception has to be made for medicinal Cannabis – cannabis oil prescribed by a qualified physician for the treatment of epilepsy and muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. Although made of cannabis its psychoactive ingredient THC level is almost non-existent. As such it cannot be described as a recreational drug. Its effect is nevertheless formidable. With THC you can imagine the harm it does on a healthy brain.

An other argument put forward to defend the use of cannabis as “a harmless drug” is the assertion that it is not cannabis that is the problem but its high-potency sister known in the UK as Skunk When I asked a young family acquaintance who developed serious mental health problems recently why he didn’t stick to the “harmless” cannabis instead of moving on to Skunk he replied that after a while cannabis did not give him the high he and his friends sought and enjoyed. The door will be wide open to unscrupulous dealers to modify the drug into higher potency versions to satisfy the growing demand of users,

Those who are lucky enough to have escaped serious cannabis-induced mental health problems have other issues to contend with: indolence, lethargy not to mention an assault on their creativity and physical energy. The cost to the community at large, to family and friends is often underestimated.

The Canadian government had better start building new psychiatric wards to accommodate the inevitable influx of new mental health patients seeking treatment for their newly found recreation!


While Gaza Burns…

More young Gazans continue to needlessly lose their lives in response to their leaders ‘instigated pantomime of stone and smoke bomb throwing and other futile provocative attacks across the Gaza Israel border.
For decades Hamas , Gaza’s rulers or more precisely its Jailers, have repressed the entire people of the strip, ruling through terror and the imagined fear of the bogeyman: Israel and the West. A time-honoured instrument of deflection from their own paralysis and incompetence, the “imminent” attack from Israel has always kept alive Hamas’s grip on power and provided its leaders with a veneer of political legitimacy and raison d’etre.

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Hamas plays the time-honoured Islamic trump card : Allah commands you in the Quran to cleanse the land of the Jewish Kuffar.

Meantime Gaza burns.

Resolution Of The Israel/Palestine Conflict – Not Rocket Science

The Israel Palestine conflict has dragged on for over 70 years without any sign of resolution.

Most attempts at finding a comprehensive and lasting settlement have failed. The absence of trust between the two parties has always been the major cause of this failure making the next military confrontation an inevitable outcome

It is a given by most in the region and in the international community that the final settlement will inevitably consist of two independent states living side by side, the State of Israel and the State of Palestine. No other solutions are viable.

Two major stumbling blocks stand in the way:

  1. the status of Jerusalem claimed by both parties as their capital city, and
  2. the delineation of the final international border between the two “states”.

Historic Distrust

Israel’s case

The Israelis do not trust Arab promises. “they would push us all into the sea if they have the opportunity” “They would never accept our permanent presence in the region.” “We are willing to wait as long as it takes”, the Arabs often tell us, “the Crusaders stayed for a thousand years in our lands and there is no reason why we cannot wait as long to get rid of the Zionist occupation. ”

“The Arabs say something and mean something else” “they would happily sign a treaty with us for the sake of a temporary gain if they feel they are in a weaker position, only to renege on it when they feel stronger. When Yasser Arafat was accused of treason after the Oslo Agreement he beseeched his people to remember Hudaybiyyah, the 10 year Treaty signed by Muhammad with his enemies at the time, the Meccans. A lull in the fighting gave him the opportunity to rebuild his weekend army and to return to the battlefield at a time of his choosing, and win his war against the non- suspecting Meccans.

Another often stated reason for not trusting the Palestinians is the “who do we talk to” argument. Who represents the Palestinians, the moderate President Abbas of the PLO or the extremist arch terrorist Khaled Mashal leader of Hamas whose constitution calls for the destruction of ALL Israel, or any of the other numerous extremist organizations?

Orthodox Israelis also refer to the Islamic scriptures particularly the Quran that calls for the destruction of all the infidels. . They point to the historic anti-Semitic prejudice deeply rooted in the Muslim psyche that goes back to the days of early Islam and persists to the present day. The infamous battle of the Trench is often cited. When the Qurayzah Jewish tribe of Medina declined Mohammad’s invitation to convert to Islam all the men and boys of the tribe were massacred ( historians estimate that approximately 750 of them were beheaded by Muhammad personally) and the women were enslaved and divided up among Muhammad’s warriors.

Recent history ( e.g. Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 ) is also cited as yet another reason for distrusting the Palestinians. “Instead of turning a free Gaza into a prosperous area, building the infrastructure for an independent entity on the way to statehood, Hamas, after wrestling the strip from the moderate Palestinian Authority, used Gaza as a staging post for launching thousands of rockets against Israel.” (Harkabi: 67-80).

As a result of this Israelis believe that even if their nation were to withdraw from occupied Palestine ( the West Bank ) the Palestinians would still seek the destruction of their state.

Palestine’s Case

Unlike Israel, Palestine is not an independent state. It is merely an occupied territory after the Six Day war of 1967. The Palestinian distrust of Israel’s intentions is therefore based on different considerations. They often cite the absence of “international legitimacy” in dealing with their case and demand a remedy to what they refer to as the “historic injustice inflicted upon them by Western imperialism” “We are not even recognized as a state by the international community! How do you expect us to negotiate on equal terms with Israel, a country recognized by the entire world!” This feeling of inadequacy is deep rooted. It is the engine that propels most of their extreme (albeit self-defeating) acts of aggression. Terms such as, racism, colonialism,, international conspiracy, the greatest land-grab in history and the like, have become part and parcel of Palestinians day to day narrative.

Most Palestinians also, still believe in the oft repeated mantra that “Israel’s agenda is to occupy the whole of geographic Palestine from the Nile to the Euphrates”

After the defeat of 1967 however, the Palestinians became aware of their weakness and political limitations. Notwithstanding this realization the Oslo Agreement of September 13th 1993 ( the acceptance of a two state solution and the decision to give up armed struggle ) is still viewed by most Palestinians as no more than their own Hudaybiyyah.

Hamas rejected both the PLO leadership in the person of Yasser Arafat and his declared commitment to put an end to the armed struggle against Israel. Hamas asserted that “it is inconceivable that a nation under occupation be denied legitimate resistance to its occupation”. In their eyes the sanctity of armed resistance (al-Moqawama) against the occupation is still an important component of their policy towards Israel.

The continued Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the creeping settlement building is leading to further weakening of the Palestinian bargaining power. The urgency of coming up with a settlement is beginning to impress itself upon all branches of the Palestinian body politic.

A Pipe Dream?

Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Rome was not built in a day nor will trust be. As trust building is the first most important prerequisite for solving this seemingly intractable problem let us attempt to think outside the box. Imagine if the two parties found themselves in a position to live in peace and harmony within the present borders enjoying normal relations and deriving all the benefits each party can bestow upon the other for a period of 20 years. Not a long time on a historical scale considering that the two peoples have been in a state of war for the last 70 years ! But long enough to assuage firmly held views and to build the all-important bridge of trust between them.

How can this entente come about ? Two important simultaneous steps must be taken first:

  • Recognition of Israel as a Jewish state with full diplomatic relations by all Arab countries particularly the fundamentalist Islamic States of Saudi Arabia the guardian of Islam’s holy places, and Hamas whose constitution calls for the destruction of Israel.. This will assuage Israel’s deep rooted suspicion of the Arabs’ long term intentions towards the Jewish state. Final borders & Capital city : to be agreed upon at the end of the 20-year transition period
  • Recognition of Palestine as an independent state by the international community including the all-important and influential friend of Israel the USA, This step will enhance the country’s feeling of equilibrium viz a viz Final borders & Capital city : to be agreed upon at the end of the 20-year transition period

A 20 year period of normal relations between two friendly states will make the final decisions on borders and choice of capitals easier to reach. Other outstanding problems such as Israeli settlers in Palestine (no reason why they could not continue to live within the boundaries of a Palestinian state if they choose to do so) and Palestinians domiciled in Israel, will appear less intractable or relevant in the context of the new entente cordiale between the two neighbouring states culminating in the signing of a permanent peace treaty between the two states.

Is this an unattainable pipe dream ? It is not if the two steps ahead were accomplished. The problem does not lie with Israel as the nation is the master of its own destiny and as such is capable of making its own decisions.

The Palestinians on the other hand are not their own masters of destiny. Their financiers, the Arab states particularly Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are the true masters. Qatar plays host to Hamas leader Khalid Mishaal and with Saudi Arabia “the Godfather of terror and extremism” was the financier of the now dislodged terror organization the Islamic State. And even though they pay lip service to the “Palestine Cause” they have no interest in ending this conflict.. They are the puppet masters of the invisible game of control. Peace in the region will unleash many problems for those states including possibly the questioning of their own legitimacy. That is why Qatar’s propaganda mouthpiece Aljazeera Arabic never ceases to fan the flames of conflict and hatred between the Palestinians and the Israelis. By supporting anti-Israel positions, these Arab states project an image of Arab nationalism which endear them to their own populations and give them the all important political legitimacy they all crave.

The accomplishment of these two all-important first steps can only happen if there is an international consensus accompanied by a degree of pressure by the super powers preferably under the auspices of a United Nations International Conference on the Middle East.

Islamic Terror and the Future of Western Civilization

In Barcelona’s Las Ramblas Avenue in the afternoon of Thursday August 13 2017, a Muslim terrorist shouting allahu Akbar ploughed his van into an un-suspecting crowd enjoying an afternoon promenade in the balmy sunshine, killing 13 people and injuring more than a hundred. On June the 3rd in London Bridge another Muslim terrorist killed eight people and injured many others.

These atrocities have become a regular feature of our daily life in Europe. On May the 22, 2017 in the Manchester Arena 23 teens and young people were slaughtered while attending a concert by the singer Ariana Grande. In Stockholm April 7, Paris April 20th and many more similar atrocities.

We recoil with shock, feel the pain, shed the tears, light the candles, hold our vigils, and repeat the well-rehearsed mantra “we are not afraid”, “we are all Charlie Hebdo” and so on. In a day or two amnesia kicks in and we revert to our daily life with the explanation that the terrorists must not win.

Muslim terror attacks are our new normal. We have factored them into our very existence; we expect them and when they do come, we are not surprised. Regularity desensitized us, making us lose our instinct for outrage. Our reaction has become mute and ineffectual.

We always start with the question “why do they hate us?” followed by “and as they clearly do, why do they choose to live amongst us?”. I have answered these questions on a number of occasions in my other blogs.

Suffice to say that whilst many explanations are given the root of it lies in the Islamic scriptures particularly in the Quran, the edifice upon which the religion Islam is constructed.

This begs the all-important question, is immigration important for the continued overall growth of European societies? The answer is both Yes and No.! Yes, if the immigrants assimilate in their new host countries, in other words if they like and respect the societies and the culture they choose to live in. In the 16th and 17th centuries, to give but one example French Protestant Huguenots fled religious persecution in their country and sought refuge in the UK mostly in East London. They are now fully assimilated and form an important component of British society. Jews who migrated to Britain over many decades are now well integrated citizens who have made great contributions to British culture and way of life. There are many such examples in most European nations.

What distinguishes those new arrivals is that they are mostly inter-European migrants. Whether they are Poles, Irish, Spanish or even Russians, they share with their host countries a common European Judeo-Christian heritage, They come with no hidden agendas and more importantly they owe no allegiance nor loyalty to any external religious or political higher authority.

In a time of ageing populations in almost all European nations as well as a declining birth rate, inter-European movement of people from countries with high unemployment to countries requiring labour should be encouraged. In every single European country the birth rate is well below the crucial 2.1 level. Let us refer to this movement of citizens within Europe as internal migration as opposed to international migration from outside the European Union.

The post Brexit Europe should aim to stop the creeping incursion of illiberal and authoritarian ideologies disguised as “religions” or “cultures” into the continent’s liberal and democratic way of life. In most European nations, adherence to liberal values has resulted in the growth of illiberal values. To put it differently our free and liberal societies began to tolerate the intolerant. If this trend is not stopped its long-term consequences will be catastrophic for the face of Europe as we and our ancestors have known it. Europe’s tolerance and support of the wrongly called ideal of multi-culturalism has resulted in the growth of a continent of multi-faithism. In most instances, International migrants have failed and in many cases chosen not to – integrate in their host nations. In other cases, they displayed non-acceptance and/or blatant hostility towards the hosts’ values. A considerable number aggregated in ghettos where they set up schools indoctrinating their young ones in the culture of their home countries.

The revival of a religious narrative in many European nations as an inevitable backlash to the growth of alien religiosity amidst secular Europeans, is another disturbing phenomenon. It took Europe five hundred years of evolution to reach this stage of separation of state and religion.

If not halted immediately the consequence of continued International immigration to Europe will have a severe impact on European civilization. As Douglas Murray puts in in his excellent book “The Strange Death of Europe”

“Demographic studies show ethnic Swedes becoming a minority in Sweden within the lifespan of most people currently alive, which raises the fascinating question of whether Swedish identity has any chance of surviving this generation. This question will also have to be faced by every other Western European country”

Bleak Future?

The recent waves of immigration were the principle (albeit unspoken) cause of Brexit and the rise of right wing nationalist parties in most European states. Islamic violence shocked the American people as well resulting in the victory of Donald Trump.

Inaction by the centrist governments in Europe is political nihilism. If European leaders, subdued by the tyranny of guilt and history continue to gloss over the caldron that is bubbling on the continent public outrage at the changing demographic landscape of the continent will erupt into extremism and violent nationalism. Europeans, naively considered Islamic new comers as no different from other migrants to the continent, eager to integrate in a superior culture and become active part of it. What they did not imagine is that a considerable number of the Muslim newcomers didn’t want to integrate but to dominate.The era of dog eats dog at the height of the Weimar Republic will raise its nasty head again if the political status quo is not changed. Seeking shelter in extremism will be the only shelter available to the disaffected masses. In the words of Tony BlankleyThe day is upon us when the West will have to decide which it values more: granting European rights and tolerance to those who wish to destroy us, or the survival of Western civilization”

In order to make sure that this nightmare scenario does not occur two overarching objectives must be fulfilled.

  1. A strong European Union ultimately leading to the establishment of the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE with unhindered internal movement of its citizens and a securely protected external border.
  2. A stop to all immigration from outside the European continent except for persecuted members of minorities who do not adhere to values in conflict with European values. This excludes Turkey, a non-European Islamic nation tittering on the precipice of dictatorship whose overall cultural and political values are in stark contrast to European civilization. Its application for membership to the European Union should be sent back immediately.

Anything short of the above will not satisfy the majority of Europeans.

Seventh Century Man

Puritans and Sophisticates



Islamist seventh century man strikes again. This time his target was a Jordanian Christian/atheist Cartoonist, Nahed Hattar, who was assassinated for the crime of sharing Allah cartoon in a local paper.

Seventh century man roams the world in the twenty first century, oblivious of the passing of time. A throwback, a mutation from a distant past he is to be found everywhere: in Europe, in the Americas and in many other corners of the globe.

His journey started in his “sacred” homeland in Arabia. His sublime role model is the infallible prophet on whom he mirrors his everyday life and actions. He is in fact Abd u Allah (the slave of Allah). That is why quite often he and those of his ilk have names that start with the letters abd (slave) followed by one of the ninety nine names of Allah. His relationship with the Allah (and his prophet) is that of Master and Servant.

Unwavering in his convictions he is essentially a puritan, a true Muslim who follows the scriptures scrupulously.  Groomed from birth by said scriptures his narrative is not open to different interpretations, nuances nor doubt.

He is propelled by a subconscious inner drive to hold all his attitudes and beliefs in harmony and to avoid any cognitive dissonance. Even though he could be born in London, New York, Paris or anywhere away from his ancestral homeland, he will have built an iron clad shield around his mind to stop it from being polluted by the cultural influences of the society in which he is physically domiciled.

In most instances, he is an un-schooled simpleton, with a binary outlook on the world consisting of us –bait al Islam, the house of Islam and them –al Kuffar- the infidels who do not belong to bait al Islam.

The result of this compelling urge to maintain cognitive consistency takes a heavy toll on him and gives rise to a psychotic bi-polarism resulting in criminally irrational and manipulative behaviour.

To his mind though he is a true Muslim and not a terrorist. He is the one who executes the edicts of his master as written in the book. His murderous acts are always preceded by the declaration that Allah U Akbar (God is the greatest). In other words, as God’s obedient and unquestioning servant, he is justifying to himself and to the world that the action he is about to undertake will be done in fulfilment of Allah’s wishes.   “Oh Master I am about to execute your commands!”.

As a puritan he was groomed to believe that those who disobey the will of Allah and the prophet must be dispatched to Jahannam -the inferno where the they will burn for eternity.

Fear of Jahannam is the major reason for his actions. Seventh century man, domiciled in the twenty first century,  is crippled by fear.  This is why, whenever he is instructed to eliminate a kaffir, he jumps at the opportunity to achieve martyrdom. As he has learnt from birth, al shahada-martyrdom- will speedily dispatch him to Al -Janna, paradise where he will be rewarded with endless supplies of wine and women, the terrestrial pleasures he is denied (or denies himself) while in transition on earth from the present fleeting existence he is enduring, to the eternal and blissful afterlife.



Seventh Century Man also roams the globe in a somewhat different re-incarnation. This version of seventh century man is far more sophisticated in his pronouncements than his fellow Puritan. A Sophisticate, he too will have lived in the West for many years if not all his life. He has mastered the art of narrative deception making his pronouncements sound conciliatory and moderate in order not alienate his Western interlocutors.

Unlike his fellow Puritan he is highly intelligent and educated in some of the top universities in the land. He has no reservation in referring to himself as a Muslim. However, he never ceases to protest that “Islam is a religion of peace” and that “terrorists are not real Muslims nor do they speak for Islam” He has perfected the art of manipulating the facts in order to back up his “moderate “narrative.

Sophisticates and Puritans have one fundamental thing in common. They both abhor change in the religious doctrine that binds them and determines their world view and their everyday life.

A Sophisticate would never be heard questioning the word of Allah as “written” in the Holy Book, nor advocating the reform of the Quran that controls his very existence.  That would amount to blasphemy which is a serious crime in Islam punishable by death. (Quranic verses that support the many Hadith that establish the death sentence for apostates are Quran verses 2:2179:73-7488:215:549:66. ) He is equally gripped by fear and psychological bi-polarism.

When asked by Richard Dawkins in a recent Oxford University debate – whether he believes that Mohammad flew on a winged horse to meet up with Allah in the heavens and on his way there and back alighted in Jerusalem, British born Mehdi Hassan a journalist of renown with a degree from Oxford university replied emphatically that he did “because as a Muslim I believe in everything written in the Quran”.  And for good measure he also added that he teaches his daughter the Quran including the tale of the winged horse!

“But you are an educated man of the twenty-first century!” retorted Dawkins committing his only faux pax of the evening. What in fact Dawkins should have said “I am not surprised to hear this from you coming as it does from a seventh century man transplanted in the 21st century

May be Dawkins did not realise that the Sophisticate is as literalist in his interpretation of the Muslim scriptures as his fellow puritans.

The only difference between the Sophisticates and the Puritans is that, for a variety of reasons, Sophisticates shy away from the use of physical violence.

The Future

Reza Aslan the Iranian American historian of religion wrongly believes that Islam’s Reformation has been going on for the last one hundred years. He cites as examples the numerous convulsions, uprisings and terrorist -led organizations that have swept the region throughout the last century.

None of those was meant to reform Islam; they were uprisings against foreigners (colonialists), Kuffar (infidels), or local corrupt rulers. Not one of those movements ever called for the reform of the religion itself upon which their entire political and social edifice is constructed.  Rather, they all emphasised that “الاسلام هوالحل” Islam is the solution.

Islamic reform beginning with the reformation of the Quran itself has not started yet; who would have dared start it when all Muslims believe that the Quran is “the word of Allah which cannot be altered”. Also, in the absence of a higher Islamic authority- a church- that speaks for Islam (everyone and no one speaks for Islam today) who in the Muslim world would dare be the bearer of the first torch of radical Islamic reform?

In the end however reason, science and technology will prevail. Cultures based on ancient myths and beliefs will ultimately be swept away. In the words of Charles Darwin 1809 “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”.

The Islamic world is decades if not centuries away from making this paradigm shift.

Europe 2050 – A Glimpse into the Future of Brexit

Brexit: a lose/lose for Britain

The European Union’s reaction to Brexit will follow one of two routes.

Route 1


The continent’s nations will pull closer together and move forward towards the establishment of a


a powerful bloc of half a billion people in fulfilment of the dreams of the founding fathers of the EU. A united Europe to take the lead in international politics , with a strong united stand on defence and away from the current instinct and emotion – propelled politics and diplomacy.



Estrangement for its European allies will cause economic damage to the UK and no discernible benefits. The economic losses of the EU in the short term would pale into insignificance compared to those the UK will face.

  • The UK will lose all trade privileges arising from EU membership and the free market.
  • UK companies will have less need to improve their productivity through investments and innovation resulting in a reduction in long-term economic growth. Studies estimate a long-term drop of real GDP (a FALL in the GDP by about 3% by 2030 and possibly by 5% by 2050)
  • No major change in immigration control. As an island outside the Schengen Agreement Britain was always in control of its borders regardless of the myths and factoids put out by the Brexiters.
  • For the REAL reasons behind Brexit and other similar trends in Europe read my previous blog
  • The recently negotiated concessions from the EU regarding immigration allowed Britain to withhold several entitlements from EU migrants until four years after they enter the UK and placed some caps on remittances from the UK. Britain needs immigration to run its economy regardless.
  • Sterling falls, stock market will fall in the medium and long term; debt interest rates will rise


Route 2


The Brexiters are proven right. Europe implodes into its pre-war component states each vying for their own self-interest. In other words, a return to the dark days of the supremacy of the NATION STATE. Back to the days of the Weimar Republic where dog eats dog with catastrophic consequences. Rule by populism leading to the emergence of dictatorship.

Brexit would also cause severe political damage and would weaken Europe geopolitically.



“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

17th Century

10,000,000 European lives sacrificed.
In just one year, 1638 there were five separate wars occurring in Europe.
There were only 4 years free of warfare in the whole century. The other 96 years all saw conflict of some kind.
The total number of separate wars was 42.

18th Century

20,000,000 European lives sacrificed.
Many other parts of the world were also dragged into Europe’s conflicts.
The total number of separate wars was 43.

19th Century

45 to 90,000,000 European lives sacrificed.
It also dragged many other parts of the world into its conflicts.
The total number of separate wars was 52.

20th Century

175,000,000 lives (estimate by: Zbigniev Brezinski.)
225,000,000 lives (estimate by Milton Litenberg)
258,000,000 lives (estimate by Rudolph J Rummel)
The total number of separate wars was 52.
Many other parts of the world were also dragged into Europe’s conflicts
The next major war might look like this which may put an end to the human species.


Economic prosperity and political Strength in unity; weakness and disarray in fragmentation.