The Taliban – End of a 20 Year War

Not long after his presidential victory president Biden was faced with an important test of leadership by non-other than a Seventh Century regime, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!

The “Emirate” pounced as soon as Biden withdrew his troops from their country. Rather than respond with the only language such regimes comprehend namely the language of power he acted at first with what appeared to be obsequious deference and weakness, resulting in having his own reputation tarnished across the globe. The Americans and their allies were accused of leaving the country too soon before the mission had been fully accomplished. They on the other hand had come to the conclusion that there was nothing more the west could do to turn Afghanistan into a democratic twenty first century nation other than to continue their presence in a nation that loathes the west and its infidels however many benefits their nation had enjoyed. To cut short his losses Biden’s only remaining choice was departure.

On leaving the country the west was then faced with a second moral dilemma what to become of this penniless and lawless nation. The Americans, the British and other European nations had had enough dealings with what they considered an ungrateful nation whose leaders were happy to grab as much as possible from the “infidels” while contributing anything to the betterment of their own wretched citizens. It also became apparent to the West that Time in the Emirates had stopped still in the Seventh Century (like it has in many other Muslim nations) and that there was very little anyone can do to resuscitate it from the abysses they chose for themselves.

In Afghanistan the west had spent billions of dollars trying to salvage that country from the wretched lifestyle it inhabits. By then it had become clear to America and its allies that they are no longer capable of bail out a nation wanting to continue living in its Seventh Century universe. That exercise was tried, tested and failed and will undoubtedly continue to fail again. In the words of Albert Einstein. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

On whom then does this thankless task fall and who ought to come to the rescue? If it is not the west who should then take this responsibility? The only choice left was for the Afghanis themselves to bear their own responsibility assisted economically by their affluent fellow Muslims and friends in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain who were the first nations to provide the Taliban with recognition as an independent state.

Nevertheless, recognition by the west should be postponed for at least 5 years until important conditions are met by the Taliban.

  1. Prohibition of entry to the country of all terrorists, or involvement in international terrorism whether directly or indirectly.
  2. Equal rights for women and girls including right to education, employment, inheritance rights, freedom of marriage and travel unsupervised by men guardians.
  3. The freedom of all citizens who helped the American and the Europeans to leave the country unhindered whenever they choose.

The above are basic human rights recognized by all European nation. If these are not acceptable to the Islamic Emirate, they should seek financial aid and recognition from fellow Muslim nations with whom they share common beliefs and heritage.

Saudi Arabia Guilty of 9/11?

20 Years After 9/11

Why is Saudi Arabia not held responsible for the 9/11 massacre perpetrated by 15 0f its 19 citizens including the Saudi terrorists mastermind Usama Bin Laden?

The families of the 9/11 victims have spent years pursuing compensation from Saudi Arabia which they consider complicit in the attack only to be frustrated by the lack of assistance from the country. The final Public document released recently by the US 9/11 Commission, detailed numerous Saudi entanglements with the terrorists.

“Hijackers had received support from people who were connected to the Saudi government. At least two people who assisted the hijackers have been Saudi intelligence officers”. Even though President Joe Biden stated that “the 9/11 families were right to seek the full truth and accountability” he stopped short of declassify all the Saudi files in the Pentagon.

War Crimes In Yemen

The Saudi armed conflict in Yemen, one of the poorest nations on earth has killed over 20,000 civilians including several children and 10768 wounded. The country is experiencing the world’s worst food security crisis with over 21 million people—nearly two-thirds of the population—living under the poverty line with no financial assistance from Saudi Arabia.

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Another example of Saudi Arabia’s crimes which went unpunished is the murder on 2 October 2018 of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi US-based journalist and critic of the government who was cold bloodedly massacred in Istanbul, by “the highest levels of the Saudi government” believed to be prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud the crown prince. Khashoggi’s body was mutilated and dumped never to be found.

Murder of Shia citizens

On April 23, 2019, Saudi Arabia carried out a mass execution of members of the Shia community in various parts of the country. All were Saudi citizens who had been “convicted” following “unfair trials “for no crime other than disagreeing with their government’s political stand on local issues.

The list goes on and on including women rights, the treatment of migrant workers in the country and restriction of religious minorities who are subjected to extensive discrimination in law and in practice of their beliefs.

Is Saudi Arabia above the law?

Does the country’s massive monetary wealth allow it to commit whatever crimes against humanity it chooses without any fear of retribution. Will this travesty of justice ever come to an end as long as the west continues to overlook Saudi crimes in return for the billions of dollars it benefits from this relationship? Is the west equally as guilty as Saudi Arabia?

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Seventh Century Man 

Turkey’s Genocide

Well done President Joe Biden for calling the massacre of Armenians in Turkey by its correct name – genocide.

It’s time the world recognises that the first Genocide of the 20th century occurred in a Muslim nation, Turkey, killing a million and a half of its peace abiding citizens. The reason was none other than the pending disintegration of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey today). The nation was going through dreadful war conditions. What better to distract its citizens from their own government’s incompetence and failures than the tried and tested method of scapegoating its own resident minorities who conveniently happened to be the “INFIDEL” Christian Armenians.

President Erdogan, currently stripping his nation of its hard-earned Ataturk freedoms, is finding excuses and justifications for this crime when in fact a long overdue Turkish apology and compensation to the Armenians is what is needed. Germany submitted an official state apology to Israel with regard to the Holocaust. Time Turkey does the honourable same to its own Armenian victims!

What’s up with Bible Belt America?

What’s up with Bible Belt America?

While the civilised world is moving forward with women acquiring full rights and control over their bodies, the Alabama Senate is to pass a law criminalising abortion (99 years jail for doctors who perform it!) even for rape and incest.

Religious fanaticism, misogyny, anti women’s choice continues to flourish in many US states.

Christian totalitarianism is no different from Islamic totalitarianism. Two sides of the same coin!

Antisemitism: Insanity Rooted in Religious Bigotry

Antisemitism has risen considerably in the last few years. The recent gun attack during a Shabbat service in the Pittsburgh synagogue The Tree of Life is the deadliest assault on Jews in US history. The number of antisemitic incidents across the US as a whole rose 57% in 2017; In Britain, since the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn 727 such incidents occurred in the first six months of 2018 – the second highest figure recorded in more than two decades. (These hate crimes were considered serious enough to be investigation by the British police.)

Religious Origins Of Antisemitism

What is behind Antisemitism? What have the Jews ever done to deserve such irrational and unjustified hatred by adherents of both the other two Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam?


Among Christians the origin of this anti-Jewish hatred is rooted in Christianity itself (which it is worth noting has started life as a minor Jewish sect incubated and spawned from the belly of Judaism). The Church of Rome preached that the Jewish people were collectively responsible for the death of Jesus of Nazareth their “Lord and Saviour”. Jesus, a Salafist Jewish preacher who like many of his contemporaries wanted to reform his religion Judaism and restore it to its pure origins. A rebel against the established order of the Roman Empire, he was found guilty of terrorism and sentenced to death by crucifixion, the standard method of execution. As we can see Jesus was not executed by his fellow Jewish co-coreligionists but by the Roman government of Palestine at the time.

This historically inaccurate and inflammatory allegation by the church of Rome lasted until 1964 when it was abrogated by Pope Paul VI. It has nevertheless created a reservoir of anti-Semitic hatred still festering among Christians to the present day.


Muslims’ pathological hatred of the Jews is also rooted in their religion Islam. Muhammad’s attempt to forcibly convert the Jewish tribes of Arabia to Islam was thwarted at which point the majority of them were massacred and the remaining few were enslaved. Thus, followed a cascade of anti-Semitic suras in the Quran vilifying the Jews and calling for their exile from Muslim lands or their extermination.

The Quran, a “plagiarised and Arabized version of the Jewish Talmud” preaches death to the Kuffars (the infidels). Sura [5.33] states that “the punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His apostle is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified, or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides” and Sura [4.46] warns of those who are Jews Allah has cursed them because of their unbelief.

Throughout Islamic history, Jews became docile dhimmis (second class citizens) subject to Muslim domination.

This hatred of the Jews is not exclusive to religious texts only. It is found in school books for children as young as 3, complete with illustrations of Jews with monster-like qualities. Mainstream educational television programs are consistently anti-Semitic. In songs, books, newspaper articles, and blogs, Jews are variously compared to pigs, donkeys, rats, and cockroaches, and to vampires and a host of other imaginary creatures.

See also my article – Islam & Antisemitism

Jealousy, Resentment & Scapegoating

Religious bigotry, the incubator of Antisemitism has become the convenient tool of unscrupulous dictators; Hitler believed in a superior Aryan race which he couldn’t accomplish with the Jews around. In the 1940s he resorted to his final solution by committing one of history’s most notorious genocides, the murder of 6 million Jews in what became known as the Holocaust.

Extreme anti-Semitic episodes are not exclusive to dictators. They are often triggered by the slightest crisis for which the Jews are blamed. The deranged gunman, who massacred 11 Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh, USA on the 29th of October 2018 had no reason for killing 11 innocent worshippers other than they were Jewish. “All Jews must die” he yelled. Similarly, before attempting a massacre against a Jewish synagogue in Paris, the Muslim perpetrator invoked the name of Allah by yelling “Allah Akbar” God is Great implying that he was fulfilling Allah’s command to kill Jews as ordained in the Quran.

Antisemitism runs deep in the veins of both Christians and Muslims. Jewish success in all fields of endeavour and their prosperity in most nations in which they reside put them at the receiving end of resentment, hatred and blatant jealousy. In 2017, of a total of 902 individuals who were awarded Nobel Prizes 203 or 22.5% were Jews. Jewish contribution to all disciplines of knowledge is even more remarkable in proportion to their numbers. Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world’s population. This means the percentage of Jewish Nobel laureates is at least 112.5 times or 11,250% above average!
Ontological resentment of the Jews manifests itself in endless conspiracy theories The Jews run the world! They dominate Hollywood! They control the Media and Wall Street! They control the banking system and financial institutions etc and many more such outlandish allegations.

The successes of the State of Israel in the mere 60 years of its existence also gave ammunition of hate to the anti-Semites on both sides of the political divide in Europe and America. The only free and democratic nation in the Muslim Middle East and North Africa became the lightning rod for all anti-Semitic insanity. Israel’s foundation was also godsent to all Muslim leaders who were provided with the perfect excuse and justification to blame Israel for all their societies’ ills and backwardness. The accomplishments of the Jewish State continue to trigger feelings of resentment, and a sense of inferiority among all Muslims.

This meme of hatred must be eradicated from the DNA of all its carriers and replaced with a new meme of KNOWLEDGE. Education in Antisemitism beginning as early as the elementary stage of schooling is long overdue. Studies in Antisemitism must form part of the curricula of all social /political science and psychology programs in schools, colleges and universities.


RIP the 11 innocent prayers who perished in the Tree of Life synagogue October 2018,

Brexit, Trumpism & the Elephant in the Room

In 2016 the world was shaken by two seismic events: Britain’s referendum to exit the European Union and America’s election of Donald Trump as its next president.

Myths and super myths

Both cases were considered by some as a shift to the Right, a repudiation of the Left, a rebellion of the down trodden white proletariat victims of globalization and liberalism who did not seem to share in their nation’s growing economic cake. Others explained both events in terms of identity politics, we are being overrun by aliens who are taking our jobs and homes, our jobs are being exported to Mexico, China is flooding us with cheap goods, and in the case of Brexit our laws are being hijacked by foreign bureaucrats in Brussels, we are losing our independence and identity as a nation.

The above statements are simplifications perpetrated by politicians’ spin to a populace imbued with ignorance and fear. In the words of Stephen Colbert, we now live in the era of “truthiness” where political narrative with no basis in fact feels right to the average person who is desperate to believe in whatever fits his pre-existent attitudes. In this Not-so-Brave New World we inhabit, also referred to as the post-truth world, our deeply rooted views are our facts and all we seek are conclusions to support these facts and not ones to question them or disprove them.

The basic facts are now clear. Brexiters and Trumpers won the arguments by spreading false information however inconvenient or uncomfortable it was, bogus statistics and references to deep rooted nationalism.

Xenophobia and fear of the perceived invasion of aliens were the two issues common to all Brexiters and Trumpers, be they redundant industrial workers in Chicago, unemployed English Northerners, or English Seniors who have been witnessing the slow transformation of their country and look back with nostalgia to the “good old days”. No one seems to have told the disaffected that we live in a rapidly changing world in which what applied yesterday does not necessarily apply today.

When dissected, the main arguments for Brexit (Control of money, Laws, borders and sovereignty) do not survive under the microscope of clinical scrutiny. Most of those concerns could have easily been resolved within the legal EU framework. In other words, Brexiters sold nationalist slogans which they knew would appeal to the peoples’ most basic fears and ignorance. Give us our nation back was their motto unaware that in this globalized world, the days of nation states are fading away and will soon become a relic of the past.

There was however one glaring twist in the narrative relating to immigration. Whilst there was no “invasion of aliens” Europeans and Americans have become fearful of one strand of immigrants whom they rightly considered a danger to their peace and security. In Europe, this danger was ignored and glossed over by liberals and only clearly highlighted by extreme Right wing parties. In the UK Brexit chief advocate Nigel Farage referred to “reaching a Breaking Point” particularly regarding the 80 million Turks (the entire population of the country!) who would be eligible to come to Europe/England once their country became a member of the EU, which as things stand now is highly unlikely to happen.

This issue was bundled into one generic package under the heading of immigration/border security which included both migrants from outside the EU and workers from within EU nations who had the legal right to move freely within the Union.

The flaw in this argument is glaring. To give but one example, of the three million EU migrants living in the UK one million are Polish. They have the highest rate of individuals in employment among all ethnic groups in the country. Until Brexit raised its ugly head there were few issues of assimilation or integration with Poles and other East European citizens. East European immigrants do not owe loyalty to a higher authority. Also, Brexit advocates did not point out to their prospective voters that migrants are a net benefit to the growing economies of Europe in a continent of falling birth rate (1.8 per woman in the UK and much lower in most other EU nations).

EU migrants living in the UK became the unforeseen casualty of a misleading narrative by self-serving politicians who did not dare nor wished, due to Political Correctness to call a spade a spade.

Whilst there is a case for stating that mass immigration, regardless of the country of origin, has placed a heavy burden on schools, hospitals and the welfare state, which must be addressed, leaving the EU is not the answer and will not by itself address these legitimate concerns.

This brings us to the elephant in the room. Ultimately the reason why a majority voted for Brexit and for Trump can be summed up in one word, Islam or to put it more accurately the fear of the creeping islamisation of Europe. In earlier times when there was no perceived Islamic terrorism few people paid much attention to Islam as a religion. However, recent terrorist attacks in Europe as well as the arrival of over a million mostly Muslim refugees in early 2016 have stirred fear in the hearts of Europeans and focused their attention on the continent’s Muslim population.

GERMANY 5,760,000
FRANCE 4,910,000
ITALY 2.420.000
BULGARIA 1,320,000
SPAIN 1,000,000
BELGIUM 930,000

Source: Global Religious Futures Project

Interest in Islam itself peaked and a lot of research and analysis of the religion is taking place. What is Islam? Is it a religion or an ideology? “Why do Muslims hate us” have become common questions asked by ordinary citizens when discussing recent events. And as Muslims clearly do hate us, why then do they keep coming to live amongst us?

Before the recent spate of terrorist attacks, calls for restrictions on Islamic immigration were few and far between and went unheeded because they came mostly from fringe right wing parties. By 2016 however every citizen in Europe knows who Islamic State, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Taliban and many others are and that these organizations are responsible for all terrorism in Europe and almost everywhere else in the world. When Marie Le Pen leader of the National Front in France warned against Islamic terror, she was accused of being a racist, and an “Islamophobe” Her views on this matter and probably only on this matter are now accepted by a considerable majority of French citizens. In most EU nations, what was once considered fringe is now becoming mainstream.

After the referendum in the UK and the victory of Trumpism in the US, European centrist politicians began to wake up to this ticking bomb in the body politic of their nations. Francois Holland, the socialist President of France was reported to have confided to two Le Monde journalists recently that “France has a problem with Islam” and that “there are too many Muslim immigrants in the country”. These remarks were made in private but not repeated in public. Holland’s PM at the time Manuel Valls, also warned that the EU project will fall apart if the concerns of the citizens on Islamic immigration are not addressed.

Many political observers believe that now is the time for Europe’s centrist political leaders to call for a complete halt on Islamic immigration. It is also time for leftists and liberals to rid themselves of their delusion that Islam is a religion of peace.

Islam of today is the very same Islam of the seventh century. Hatred and non-acceptance of others is part and parcel of the religion. Any reader of the Hadiths and of the Quran in Arabic will find numerous suras advocating violence against non-Muslims. This is where the terrorists seek justification and solace for their violence.

Unreformed seventh century Islam, in practice today, will continue to spawn terror groups who will find ample justifications for their actions in the Islamic scriptures. In other words, they will consider their terror to be no more than the fulfilment of Allah’s commands.

Most citizens of Europe are now aware of this fact and see no immediate alternative other than the total ban on Islamic immigration until the seventh century scriptures on which the Islamic edifice is constructed are updated and humanised to conform to twenty first century morality and internationally accepted values.

Failing this, the alternative will inevitably be a steady drift to the bosom of extreme nationalist parties who appear to be the only parties to echo the inner fears of ordinary citizens. This alternative is catastrophic to the future stability of the continent and invokes memories of 1933. And with every terrorist attack this nightmare scenario will loom closer.