Embarrassment for both the UK and the US

An embarrassing shame on both Britain and the USA? Hurriedly handing Afghanistan to the most barbaric Seventh Century regime without having made a concerted effort to rebuild a strong army to protect the country’s embattled citizens particularly its women who are now desperately trying to escape to safety in foreign lands.

In the process e thousands of British and American soldiers were sacrificed in vain and paid the ultimate price. Their betrayal, anger and sadness are palpable. This travesty will come back to bite us all. Remember 9 Eleven engineered by the Saudi terrorist Usama Bin Laden under the auspices of the Taliban in Afghanistan? (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan) were the only countries to have recognized the Taliban and with home they enjoy close relations.

Afghani women in the present

Afghani women in happier time

Meantime the “victorious Taliban” are putting on a new face of moderation to deceive the world. Experts in Islam however will tell you that this is not a face of moderation but the face of TAQIYYA or KITMAN the Islamic concept of lying to your enemy in order to gain the upper hand and to conceal your real intentions.

According to TAQIYYA Muslims are encouraged to practice this concept while living as a minority in non-Islamic countries until gaining the upper and hand when the time is ripe to establish Islamic supremacy. That’s why the women of Afghanistan are not celebrating as they know what fate awaits them. (A woman was shot dead yesterday on Wednesday the 17th 2021 by a Taliban Fighter for daring to walk in the street without wearing her Burka).

The West has failed in almost all its endeavours in the Islamic /Arabic countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Libya to name but a few. Is it perhaps time to take an example from the Chinese and the Russians who rarely interfere openly in the affairs of these failed states? No doubt they are now laughing at the humiliation of the two greatest democracies in the world.

Other nations on the other hand cannot hide their bewilderment as to how an entire Anglo American trained army surrendered to the Taliban in fewer than 11 days? And as importantly who financed this impoverished army? Observers put the blame on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for helping in the financing while the military aspect is attributed to China.