Gangster Leaders

Profile of Gangster Leaders

  1. Total disregard and disrespect for their citizens
  2. Citizens are treated as disposable objects in the service of the leaders.
  3. Gangster Leaders do not “rule” nor “Govern” a nation, they “own” it
  4. Gangster Leaders rule in perpetuity unless they have been forcibly removed.
  5. Elections, voting, and other Western democratic practices are only their “pantomime of deception” to placate their gullible citizens and trusting foreigners.

How then should the world deal with Gangster Leaders who in many cases happen to be extremely rich. Should they be left to wreak havoc and murder on their citizens? “Not our business” some might say, “why interfere in other nations affairs”. Why should we be concerned with the Mohammad bin Salmons of this world (the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) who engineered the murder of an innocent journalist (Jamal Khashoggi) and had his body cut up to pieces and buried nowhere to be found. Should the world overlook the murderous war ravaged under his leadership on impoverished Yemen causing the death of thousands of its innocent citizens and resulting in destroying almost an entire nation.

On the other hand, what must the world think of Bashar Al Assad of Syria, another example of a Gangster Leader who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his countrymen with #nervegas and weapons of mass destruction and destroyed the country’s entire infrastructure resulting in the escape of millions of his citizens into diaspora around the world.

The above two examples of the common “Gangster Leader” getting away with murder is often aided and abetted by rouge nations such as #Russia, #China #Iran. What is to be done with these men? The answer is not to be found in their own counties which they control and terrorize with an iron fist. The answer can only lie in the United Nations whose main raison d’etre has been to preserve international peace around the world and to combat terrorism and extremism, promoting national safety, and Human Rights.

The United Nations has helped enact dozens of legally binding agreements on political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights. The time is now to address its attention to the urgent case of Gangster Leaders.

The following measures are overdue and should be enacted as a matter of urgency.

Crime and punishment

  1. Gangster Leaders should be cut off from all contact with other world leaders.
  2. Rouge nations supporting Gangster Leaders should be subjected to serious International penalties and sanctions
  3. Gangster Leaders, proven to have committed serious crimes against their people, should be added to Interpol’s Most Wanted Lists to be apprehended for trial should they ever step out of their home countries.
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