Grooming For Terror

Grooming for Terror
In the name of Allah بِسْمِ ٱللَّه

No one becomes a murdering terrorist overnight. But young men who blow themselves up to take with them as many people as possible, or draw a knife and slit the throat of an innocent unsuspecting priest at the height of performing his mass, or drive a vehicle and run over entire families enjoying a day out on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice-France or other similar atrocities, do have one thing in common.

They are true Muslim Puritans who fulfil the commands of Allah as literally dictated in the Quran and in Muslim scriptures.

Their victims too have one thing in common. They are all Kuffar, infidels who continue to resist Islam’s Daawa (call, summons,) to join the “pure” religion ( al din al Haneef) and by doing so have sealed their own fate.


The Quran is the first and most important instrument of grooming. A child reading the Quran at an early age will inevitably see the extent of hatred heaped on all non-Muslims on whom, in the words of Sam Harris, Allah is in the process of “mocking,” “cursing,” “shaming,” “punishing,” “scourging,” “judging,” “burning,” “anni­hilating,” “not forgiving,” and “not reprieving.”

A child engrossed in the Quran will learn that Allah pro­longs the life and prosperity of the infidels so that they may continue heaping sin upon sin upon themselves and all the more richly deserve the torments that await them beyond the grave

On almost every page of the Quran vulnerable children are being groomed for conflict with the infidels (the Kuffar ).

Also on almost every page, the seeds of hatred are being planted. The link between Islam and violence is there for every child to absorb. And when the child is in life’s early stages of innocence and development the foundation for grooming are being laid. A child will also begin to absorb the degree of trickery and deviousness of the narrative which will help him in later life explain and justify acts of terror against non Muslims.

The child will have learnt that the Kuffar are indispensable and that they are nothing more than fuel for the eternal fires of Allah’s justice.


As soon as a Muslim child is of a nursery or elementary school age he/she is sent to a Madrassa where the second important stage of grooming takes place.
Madrassas are the most common type of school for religious instruction at the elementary level in the Islamic world.These schools specialize in the teaching of Qur’anic texts which children are trained to learn by heart.

Islamic instruction at the Madrassa is combined with anti-Western propaganda. In most instances the Madrassas are places where terrorists are formed ideologically
These centuries-old Islamic religious institutions came into closer focus after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2011, when experts suspected that Madrassas teaching Islamic extremism were tied to al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, fementing anti-Western propaganda and fostering hatred toward the West in general.

Unquestionably in recent years, there has been a rise in the number of religious schools in the Islamic world, and particularly of schools dominated by the more fundamentalist Wahhabi and Salafi strains of Islam.

The schools are mostly funded by Saudi Arabia, considered to be the major exporter of finance and Wahhabi ideology to the world. In Pakistan to give but one example about 24,000 Madrassas are funded by Saudi Arabia which has “unleashed a tsunami of money to export intolerance”, as stated recently by a top American senator.
“It would be troublesome but perhaps acceptable for the House of Saud to promote the intolerant and extremist Wahhabi creed just domestically. But, unfortunately, for decades the Saudis have also lavishly financed its propagation abroad. Exact numbers are not known, but it is thought that more than $100 billion have been spent on exporting fanatical Wahhabism to various much poorer Muslim nations worldwide over the past three decades. It might well be twice that number. By comparison, the Soviets spent about $7 billion spreading communism worldwide in the 70 years from 1921 and 1991.”

Other donors include Qatar who through its mouthpiece Aljazeera Arabic conducts a relentless campaign of extreme Islamic propaganda and brain washing.


Children are increasingly being “radicalised in their bedrooms” The role of Muslim families in grooming a future terrorist is often under estimated. In tribal societies, as in the Middle East in general parents exercise greater influence on their children. Those parents who hold literalist views of the Islamic scriptures particularly the Quran will pass on these views to their offspring whether consciously or unconsciously.
Within the family milieu children will be exposed to the violent, anti-Western extremist views and rhetoric of their parents. This will inevitably lead to the development of a distorted world view in the child in which extremist ideology seems the norm. Within such family’s children are being individually groomed and radicalized by their parents whilst the parents themselves are often unaware of what is going on. Gradually they become victims of brain washing and insidious radicalization. This constitutes as important a layer of grooming as the Quran.

A common feature of this form of subtle grooming is that the child does not recognise the exploitative nature of what is happening and does not see himself as victim of exploitation. The parents also may have inadvertently expedited this process of grooming by reinforcing the narrative already learnt in the Quran, the Madrassas, the local mosques and on the internet.

In the progress of grooming parents will not take too much notice of changes in the child’s character and demeaner. Expressing intolerant views towards non-Muslims, espousing verbal support for illegal organizations which are lauded by the parents and often referred to “real Muslims”, “true Mujahids in Allah’s cause” are viewed with satisfaction by parents who feel they have succeeded in their mission to bring up their children as “good Muslims” The child’s family continues to be supportive of their child’s views and behaviour regardless of how extremists they appear to be.

Children as young as seven have been identified as being groomed for terrorism, with some already talking about become suicide bombers In the UK around 10 primary school pupils, aged between seven and 10, have been referred to a Government scheme to help combat the radicalisation of youngsters. (the Telegraph Monday 19 June 2017) one child wrote in his school book: “I want to be a suicide bomber.” (the telegraph Monday 19 June 2017)


Recently released Guantanamo files revealed that 35 Jihadists were groomed for terrorism at British mosques before being sent to fight against the West.
Numerous mosques in Western nations have become an international haven for extremists who in many instances enjoyed state benefits while being trained for terrorism, the leaked documents show.

The files point to the crucial role of mosque preachers in indoctrinating extremists. U.S. intelligence officers describe the notorious Finsbury Park mosque in North London, as a haven for Islamic extremists and “an attack planning and propaganda production base’.


Terrorism on the Internet extends far beyond Web sites directly operated or controlled by terrorist organizations.

Their supporters and sympathizers are increasingly taking advantage of all the tools available on the Web. “The proliferation of blogs has been exponential,”

The Internet appeals to terrorists for the same reasons it attracts everyone else: It’s inexpensive, easily accessible, it’s anonymous, has little or no regulation, is interactive, allows for multimedia content and the potential audience is huge.

“One of the things that IS (Islamic State) has been incredibly successful at has been using the internet and social networking for the dissemination of their own propaganda.” The use of the Internet to spawn hate sites and recruit advocates for hate began as early as the 1990s Since then hundreds of hate sites and other websites. advocating terror have been developed.

Gabriel Weimann, a professor of communication at Haifa University in Israel and a terrorism researcher monitors more than 7,000 such sites.

 “You can walk into an Internet café, enter a chat room or Web site, download instructions to make a bomb, and no one can find you,” says Weimann. “They can trace you all the way down to the computer terminal, but by then you’ll already be gone.”

The University of Arizona’s “Dark Web” project, which tracks terrorist and extremist content in cyberspace, estimates there are roughly 50,000 such Web sites, discussion forums, chat rooms, blogs, Yahoo user groups, video-sharing sites, social networking sites and virtual worlds. They help to distribute content — such as videos of beheadings and suicide attacks, speeches by terrorist leaders and training manuals — that may originate on just a few hundred sites.

Terrorist groups use the Internet for research and communication and training The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists who attacked the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon used the Internet to research flight schools, coordinate their actions through e-mail and gather flight information. The Global Islamic Media Front, a propaganda arm of al Qaeda, issued a series of 19 training lessons in 2003 covering topics like security, physical training, weapons and explosives.

The internet is also used for fundraising: In 1997, the rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka stole user IDs and passwords from faculty at Britain’s Sheffield University and used the e-mail accounts to send out messages asking for donations.

The use of the Internet for recruitment and radicalization is particularly worrisome. The Internet is where “the gas meets the flame,” says Evan F. Kohlmann, a senior investigator with the NEFA Foundation, a New York-based terrorism research organization. The internet provides the medium where would-be megalomaniacs can try and recruit deluded and angry young men. and magnify that anger to convince them to carry out acts of violence.”


A question often heard and debated in academic circles and elsewhere is “why do they hate us?” Why do they hate us to the point of killing innocent men women and children who have no quarrel with Islam and who in most probability know very little or may be even nothing about the religion? Why do they kill tourists visiting and spending money in their country and thus helping the economy of their country grow and prosper? The explanation is not political. It is not economic. It is not social.

The answer is purely religious. Muslims’ hatred of non-Muslims- the Kuffar- is in their DNA. Every Muslim who reads the Quran is born with it. Ever since the Quran was written and adopted as the holy book of Muslims, this hatred has been passed on from generation to generation over the last 1500 years.

While only a small minority of Muslims resort to terror all Muslims share a literal interpretation and total acceptance of the Quran’s narrative. The only difference is that the terrorists are the puritans who take the Quran’s call to “punish” the infidels literally and act on it with conviction.

From the moment the grooming starts at birth to the time a heinous act of terror is committed, the terrorist passes through a number of grooming “stations” as described above. Some pass through all the stations, others go through one or more. The influence of each station varies depending on a number of circumstances. The one thing they all have in common (justification of a future act of terror by the “apprentice” is the reference to the words of Allah as delivered to Muhammad in the Quran. The infidels are nothing more than fuel for the eternal fires of Allah’s justice. As such the Quran remains the perennial and most important station in the grooming of terrorists.


Quran Quotes

It is the same whether or not you forewarn them (the unbelievers) ers], they will have no faith” (2:6).

“Allah will mock them and keep them long in sin, blundering blindly along” (2:15).

 A fire “whose fuel is men and stones” awaits them (2:24)

 They will be “rewarded with disgrace in this world and with grievous punishment on the Day of Resurrection” (2:85).

 “Allah’s curse be upon the infidels!” (2:89).

 “They have incurred Allah’s most inexorable wrath. An igno­minious punishment awaits [them]” (2:90).

 “Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers” (2:98).

 “The unbelievers among the People of the Book [Christians and Jews], and the pagans, resent that any blessing should have been sent down to you from your Lord” (2:105).

 “They shall be held up to shame in this world and sternly punished in the hereafter” (2.114).

 “Those to whom We [Allah] have given the Book, and who read it as it ought to be read, truly believe in it; those that deny it shall assuredly be lost” (2:122).

 “[We] shall let them live awhile, and then shall drag them to the scourge of the Fire. Evil shall be their fate” (2.126).

 “The East and the West are Allah’s. He guides whom He will to a straight path” (2.142).

 “Do not say that those slain in the cause of Allah are dead. They are alive, but you are not aware of them” (Z:TSq.).

 “But the infidels who die unbelievers shall incur the curse of Allah, the angels, and all men. Under it they shall remain for ever; their punishment shall not be lightened, nor shall they be reprieved” (za6z).

 “They shall sigh with remorse, but shall never come out of the Fire” (Za68).

 “The unbelievers are like beasts which, call out to them as one may, can hear nothing but a shout and a cry. Deaf, dumb, and blind, they understand nothing” (za72).

 “Theirs shall be a woeful punishment” (Z:a7S).

 How stead­fastly they seek the Fire! That is because Allah has revealed the Book with truth; those that disagree about it are in extreme schism” (z:T76

 “Slay them wherever you find them. Drive them out of the places from which they drove you. Idolatry is worse than carnage. [I] f they attack you put them to the sword. Thus shall the unbe­lievers be rewarded: but if they desist, Allah is forgiving and merci­ful. Fight against them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme. But if they desist, fight none except the evil­ doers”(za9o-93).

 “Fighting is obligatory for you, much as you dis­like it. But you may hate a thing although it is good for you, and love a thing although it is bad for you. Allah knows, but you know not” (z:zz6).

 “They will not cease to fight against you until they force you to renounce your faith-if they are able. But whoever of you recants and dies an unbeliever, his works shall come to nothing in this world and in the world to come. Such men shall be the ten­ants of Hell, wherein they shall abide forever. Those that have embraced the Faith, and those that have fled their land and fought for the cause of Allah, may hope for Allah’s mercy” (z:zy-a8).

 “Allah does not guide the evil-doers” (z:z58).

 “Allah does not guide the unbelievers” (z:z6q.).

 “The evil-doers shall have none to help them” (z:z7o).

 “Allah gives guidance to whom He will” (z:z7z).

 “Those that deny Allah’s revelations shall be sternly punished; Allah is mighty and capable of revenge” (3:5).

 “As for the unbeliev­ers, neither their riches nor their children will in the least save them from Allah’s judgment. They shall become fuel for the Fire” (3ao).

 “Say to the unbelievers: ‘You shall be overthrown and driven into Hell-an evil resting place!'” (3az).

 “The only true faith in Allah’s sight is Islam. He that denies Allah’s revelations should know that swift is Allah’s reckoning” (3:z9)

 “Let the believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful-he that does this has nothing to hope for from Allah-except in self-defence” (3:z8).

 “Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is evident from what they utter with their mouths, but greater is the hatred which their breasts conceal” (3:na8).

 “If you have suffered a defeat, so did the enemy. We alter­nate these vicissitudes among mankind so that Allah may know the true believers and choose martyrs from among you (Allah does not love the evil-doers); and that Allah may test the faithful and annihi­late the infidels” (3a4o).

 “Believers, if you yield to the infidels they will drag you back to unbelief and you will return headlong to perdi­tion. We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. The Fire shall be their home” (3:14951).

 “Believers, do not follow the example of the infidels, who say of their brothers when they meet death abroad or in battle: ‘Had they stayed with us they would not have died, nor would they have been killed.’ Allah will cause them to regret their words. If you should die or be slain in the cause of Allah, Allah’s forgiveness and His mercy would surely be better than all the riches they amass” (3:156).

 “Never think that those who were slain in the cause of Allah are dead. They are alive, and well provided for by their Lord; pleased with His gifts and rejoicing that those they left behind, who have not yet joined them, have nothing to fear or to regret; rejoicing in Allah’s grace and bounty. Allah will not deny the faithful their reward” (3a6g).

 “Let not the unbelievers think that We prolong their days for their own good. We give them respite only so that they may commit more grievous sins. Shameful pun­ishment awaits them” (3a78).

 “Those that suffered persecution for My sake and fought and were slain: I shall forgive them their sins and admit them to gardens watered by running streams, as a reward from Allah; Allah holds the richest recompense. Do not be deceived by the fortunes of the unbelievers in the land. Their prosperity is brief. Hell shall be their home, a dismal resting place” (3:I9596).

“Allah has cursed them in their unbelief” (4:46).

 “Allah will not for­give those who serve other Allahs besides Him; but He will forgive whom He will for other sins. He that serves other Allahs besides Allah is guilty of a heinous sin. Consider those to whom a portion of the Scriptures was given. They believe in idols and false Allahs and say of the infidels: ‘These are better guided than the believers”‘ (4:50-51).

 “Those that deny Our revelation We will burn in fire. No sooner will their skins be consumed than We shall give them other skins, so that they may truly taste the scourge. Allah is mighty and wise” (4:5556).

“Believers, do not seek the friendship of the infidels and those who were given the Book before you, who have made of your reli­gion a jest and a pastime” (5:57).

 “That which is revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase the wickedness and unbelief of many among them. We have stirred among them enmity and hatred, which will endure till the Day of Resurrection” (5:65).

 “Allah does not guide the unbelievers” (5:67).

 “That which is revealed to you from your Lord will surely increase the wickedness and unbe­lief of many among them. But do not grieve for the unbelievers” (5:69).

 “You see many among them making friends with unbeliev­ers. Evil is that to which their souls prompt them. They have incurred the wrath of Allah and shall endure eternal torment. You will find that the most implacable of men in their enmity to the faithful are the Jews and the pagans, and that the nearest in affection to them are those who say: ‘We are Christians” (5:80-82).

 “[T]hose that disbelieve and deny Our revelations shall become the inmates of Hell” (5:86).

 “[T]hey deny the truth when it is declared to them: but they shall learn the consequences of their scorn” (6:5).

 “We had made them more powerful in the land than yourselves [the Meccans], sent down for them abundant water from the sky and gave them rivers that rolled at their feet. Yet because they sinned We destroyed them all and raised up other generations after them. If We sent down to you a Book inscribed on real parchment and they touched it with their own hands, the unbelievers would still assert: ‘This is but plain sor­cery.’ They ask: ‘Why has no angel been sent down to him [Muham­mad]?’ If We had sent down an angel, their fate would have been sealed and they would have never been reprieved” (6:5-8).

 “Who is more wicked than the man who invents falsehoods about Allah or denies His revelations?” (6:2z).

 “Some of them listen to you. But We have cast veils over their hearts and made them hard of hearing lest they understand your words. They will believe in none of Our signs, even if they see them one and all. When they come to argue with you the unbelievers say: ‘This is nothing but old fictitious tales.’ They forbid it and depart from it. They ruin none but themselves, though they do not perceive it. If you could see them when they are set before the Fire! They will say: ‘Would that we could return! Then we would not deny the revelations of our Lord and would be true believers’ (6:23-27).

 “But if they were sent back, they would return to that which they have been forbidden. They are liars all” (6:29).

 “Had Allah pleased He would have given them guidance, one and all” (6:35).

 “Deaf and dumb are those that deny Our revelations: they blunder about in darkness. Allah confounds whom He will, and guides to a straight path whom He pleases.” (6:39)

“[T]heir hearts were hardened, and Satan made their deeds seem fair to them. And when they had clean forgotten Our admonition We granted them all that they desired; but just as they were rejoicing in what they were given, We suddenly smote them and they were plunged into utter despair. Thus were the evil-doers annihilated. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe!” (6:q.3-45)

 “Those that deny Our revelations shall be punished for their misdeeds” (6:q.9)

 “Such are those that are damned by their own sins. They shall drink scalding water and be sternly punished for their unbelief” (6:70)

 “Could you but see the wrongdoers when death overwhelms them! With hands out­stretched, the angels will say: ‘Yield up your souls. You shall be rewarded with the scourge of shame this day, for you have said of Allah what is untrue and scorned His revelations” (6:93).

 “Avoid the pagans. Had Allah pleased, they would not have worshipped idols. We will turn away their hearts and eyes from the Truth since they refused to believe in it at first. We will let them blunder about in their wrongdoing. If We sent the angels down to them, and caused the dead to speak to them,. and ranged all things in front of them, they would still not believe, unless Allah willed otherwise. Thus have We assigned for every prophet an enemy: the devils among men and jinn, who inspire each other with vain and varnished false­hoods. But had your Lord pleased, they would not have done so. Therefore leave them to their own inventions, so that the hearts of those who have no faith in the life to come may be inclined to what they say and, being pleased, persist in their sinful ways” (6ao7-iz).

 “The devils will teach their votaries to argue with you. If you obey them you shall yourselves become idolaters. Allah will humiliate the transgressors and mete out to them a grievous punishment for their scheming” (6azi-25).

 “If Allah wills to guide a man, He opens his bosom to Islam. But if he pleases to confound him, He makes his bosom small and narrow as though he were climbing up to heaven. Thus shall Allah lay the scourge on the unbelievers” (6a25).

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