Hamas. Fraudsters Of The Mind

Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 with a view to allowing its citizens to prepare for a two-state solution. Instead, in 2007 Hamas grabbed the opportunity and led a Coup d’état against Fatah the moderate government at the time resulting in totally controlling the Gaza Strip- and turning it into a terrorist city state funded and armed by Iran and assisted by Turkey’s Erdogan and the West’s friend Qatar.

The intention of Hamas, listed as a terrorist organisation worldwide, was the destruction of Israeli which they did not recognise as a nation “There is no room for a Jewish state in Palestine” state their official charter. Meanwhile Palestinian citizens continue to live in demeaning and degrading conditions. Their needs as citizens were secondary to Hamas’s war effort. Hamas’s whole existence was only concerned with the “liberation struggle “meaning the demise of Israel. Death to Israel is their Marta.

To keep its citizens distracted from the poverty of their daily life Hamas continued with the traditional Arab method of blaming Israel for everything. Blaming the “Zionist Enemy” also gave them the excuse to do very little for their citizens. “Our energy is focused on liberating the Arab nation “declared Hamas’s leader. Regular attacks on Israel became Hamas’ only Modus Operandi.

With every attack further loss and humiliating was inflicted. on Gaza and its massively unemployed citizens. Hamas on the other hand declared every defeat as a victory on their way to the liberation of the “glorious Arab nation”.

In the latest configuration in May 2021 Hundreds of people died in the Gaza Strip (estimated to be more than 250) with over a thousand homes and buildings demolished.

The “greatest victory ever” declared Hams who encouraged its citizens to roam the streets of Gaza in joyous celebration. They reassured their citizens that “history is on our side” and that Defeat of the Jewish enemy is inevitable! Meantime fireworks and guns in the air continued throughout the night as the Gazans “joyously” chanted ALLAH AKBAR, Death to the Zionists “your days are numbered” we are coming to get you”!

As in all previous conflicts Hamas leaders will in no doubt be working hard to save the money they will be receiving from Iran and their other anti-Semitic friends to prepare for the next round of bombs they will be lobbying at their Israeli neighbours.

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

No doubt sooner than later another “joyous victory” awaits Hamas, and a sad future awaits their impoverished and helpless citizens!!

The future of Gaza and the whole of Palestine relies on the immediate removal of Hamas from the political scene. No other peaceful future is otherwise possible.

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