Qatar and Saudi Arabia: Financiers of Terror

Many observers of the Middle East wonder why the financiers of terrorists, mainly in Qatar & Saudi Arabia are rarely mentioned. Where are the western demands for Qatar, and Saudi Arabia to stop funding international terrorism or being complicit in the rise of jihadi groups?

ISIS has a budget of over 2 billion pounds’ courtesy of these countries. Qatar plays host not only to Taliban representatives but also to the master terrorist Khaled Mechaal, the leader of Hamas who is enjoying the largess of his Qatari hosts while his people in Gaza are being sacrificed at the altar of the group’s reckless and self-serving adventurism.

Qatar’s propaganda, via its mouthpiece of Al-Jazeera Arabic in support of the discredited Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and in its subtle -and often not so subtle- campaigns to brainwash the Arab masses to sympathize with extremist Sunni Muslim groups everywhere, is relentless.

And lest we forget, this is the country that has corruptly bought off FIFA members to host the world cup in 2022 and to whom we will be entrusting the safety and security of our athletes.

Qatar is also considered by many to be a friend of the west with investments in football clubs, department stores, hotels etc… In Britain “Qatar owns lucrative chunks of the county such as the Shard, a big portion of Sainsbury’s and a slice of the London Stock Exchange.”

And paradoxically Qatar is host to the biggest American airbase in the Middle East!

Similarly, Saudi Arabia’s contribution to worldwide terror rarely gets a mention even though the country occupies an honorary position among the world’s terrorist states. Western leaders have perfected the art of sycophancy in dealing with this oil rich “ally”. Saudi Arabia has become an expert in buying everyone’s silence with its bottomless supply of petrodollars. As an example Germany’s development minister, Gerd Mueller, was recently slapped down by his government after pointing the finger at Qatar for funding the Islamic State (ISIS /DAESH)

In a rare moment of public outrage Hilary Clinton recently stated that “It is long past time for the Saudis, Qataris and Kuwaitis and others in the region to stop their citizens from funding extremist organisations”. Notice the use of the less direct attack on those countries by attributing the financing of terror not to the governments themselves but to “their citizens”!! This statement blatantly fails to recognise the pivotal role of the nation of Saudi Arabia in supporting terrorism.

In totalitarian states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia no “powerful private individuals” within the state would be operating without the knowledge and acquiescence of the rulers. According to a secret memo signed by the then secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Qatar has the “worst record of counter-terrorism cooperation” with the US.

Let us look at some facts:

  • Saudi Arabia is the cradle and patron of Wahhabism, the seventh century Salafist, literalist Sharia -based theology by which the country is governed.
  • More than 2500 people have been publicly beheaded in the Kingdom over the last two decades. Go to any Saudi city on Friday after midday prayer and you will witness the grisly spectacle of beheading being theatrically choreographed as “a warning to others” It is worth pointing out that beheading, the preferred method of execution at the time of the prophet, was first re-introduced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia long before the Islamic State came into existence. Saudi Arabia is in fact the first contemporary Islamic State par excellence.
  • At great expense and with total impunity Saudi Arabia caries out an extensive program of mosque building throughout the world aimed at exporting their version of Islam (Wahhabism) These mosques have acquired a reputation of being centres of extremism where young and gullible individuals are groomed and recruited by fundamentalist imams into jihadi movements. The mosques have also become collection centres for “charities” which funnel money to dubious organizations throughout Arabia and the Islamic world. And lest we forget Saudi Arabia is the country which strictly forbids those who belong to other religions to set foot in their sacred cities nor to build churches or synagogues in the Kingdom.
  • Fifteen of the Nineteen terrorists who attacked the Twin Towers in New York in September 2001 were Saudis. Instead of attacking and occupying the guilty party Saudi Arabia (with whom the US had and continue to have massive financial and business interests), President George W Bush directed his country’s fury on a soft target Iraq with many disastrous consequences.
  • On September 23, 2016, President Barack Obamavetoed  the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act which would have given the 9/11 victims’ families the right to sue in US courts the sovereign state of Saudi Arabia. Fortunately for the victims’ families, members of the Senate, , voted 97-1 to override Obama’s veto of the bill on September 28, 2016. On the same day, the House voted 348-77 to override the veto, effectively making the Act law.

In conclusion those countries know that their wealth buys them the silence of the terrorist organizations they support. Their unwritten concordat with the terrorists as professor Paul Stevens of Chatham House succinctly puts it is “don’t piss inside my tent, piss outside”

Their money also buys them the silence of Western governments who have learnt to look the other way and whose lips shall remain sealed as long as the petrodollars keep pouring in.

The world is now waking up to the astronomical price of silence: terror.

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