Saudi Arabia Guilty of 9/11?

20 Years After 9/11

Why is Saudi Arabia not held responsible for the 9/11 massacre perpetrated by 15 0f its 19 citizens including the Saudi terrorists mastermind Usama Bin Laden?

The families of the 9/11 victims have spent years pursuing compensation from Saudi Arabia which they consider complicit in the attack only to be frustrated by the lack of assistance from the country. The final Public document released recently by the US 9/11 Commission, detailed numerous Saudi entanglements with the terrorists.

“Hijackers had received support from people who were connected to the Saudi government. At least two people who assisted the hijackers have been Saudi intelligence officers”. Even though President Joe Biden stated that “the 9/11 families were right to seek the full truth and accountability” he stopped short of declassify all the Saudi files in the Pentagon.

War Crimes In Yemen

The Saudi armed conflict in Yemen, one of the poorest nations on earth has killed over 20,000 civilians including several children and 10768 wounded. The country is experiencing the world’s worst food security crisis with over 21 million people—nearly two-thirds of the population—living under the poverty line with no financial assistance from Saudi Arabia.

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Another example of Saudi Arabia’s crimes which went unpunished is the murder on 2 October 2018 of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi US-based journalist and critic of the government who was cold bloodedly massacred in Istanbul, by “the highest levels of the Saudi government” believed to be prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud the crown prince. Khashoggi’s body was mutilated and dumped never to be found.

Murder of Shia citizens

On April 23, 2019, Saudi Arabia carried out a mass execution of members of the Shia community in various parts of the country. All were Saudi citizens who had been “convicted” following “unfair trials “for no crime other than disagreeing with their government’s political stand on local issues.

The list goes on and on including women rights, the treatment of migrant workers in the country and restriction of religious minorities who are subjected to extensive discrimination in law and in practice of their beliefs.

Is Saudi Arabia above the law?

Does the country’s massive monetary wealth allow it to commit whatever crimes against humanity it chooses without any fear of retribution. Will this travesty of justice ever come to an end as long as the west continues to overlook Saudi crimes in return for the billions of dollars it benefits from this relationship? Is the west equally as guilty as Saudi Arabia?

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