The Taliban – End of a 20 Year War

Not long after his presidential victory president Biden was faced with an important test of leadership by non-other than a Seventh Century regime, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!

The “Emirate” pounced as soon as Biden withdrew his troops from their country. Rather than respond with the only language such regimes comprehend namely the language of power he acted at first with what appeared to be obsequious deference and weakness, resulting in having his own reputation tarnished across the globe. The Americans and their allies were accused of leaving the country too soon before the mission had been fully accomplished. They on the other hand had come to the conclusion that there was nothing more the west could do to turn Afghanistan into a democratic twenty first century nation other than to continue their presence in a nation that loathes the west and its infidels however many benefits their nation had enjoyed. To cut short his losses Biden’s only remaining choice was departure.

On leaving the country the west was then faced with a second moral dilemma what to become of this penniless and lawless nation. The Americans, the British and other European nations had had enough dealings with what they considered an ungrateful nation whose leaders were happy to grab as much as possible from the “infidels” while contributing anything to the betterment of their own wretched citizens. It also became apparent to the West that Time in the Emirates had stopped still in the Seventh Century (like it has in many other Muslim nations) and that there was very little anyone can do to resuscitate it from the abysses they chose for themselves.

In Afghanistan the west had spent billions of dollars trying to salvage that country from the wretched lifestyle it inhabits. By then it had become clear to America and its allies that they are no longer capable of bail out a nation wanting to continue living in its Seventh Century universe. That exercise was tried, tested and failed and will undoubtedly continue to fail again. In the words of Albert Einstein. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

On whom then does this thankless task fall and who ought to come to the rescue? If it is not the west who should then take this responsibility? The only choice left was for the Afghanis themselves to bear their own responsibility assisted economically by their affluent fellow Muslims and friends in the Gulf. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain who were the first nations to provide the Taliban with recognition as an independent state.

Nevertheless, recognition by the west should be postponed for at least 5 years until important conditions are met by the Taliban.

  1. Prohibition of entry to the country of all terrorists, or involvement in international terrorism whether directly or indirectly.
  2. Equal rights for women and girls including right to education, employment, inheritance rights, freedom of marriage and travel unsupervised by men guardians.
  3. The freedom of all citizens who helped the American and the Europeans to leave the country unhindered whenever they choose.

The above are basic human rights recognized by all European nation. If these are not acceptable to the Islamic Emirate, they should seek financial aid and recognition from fellow Muslim nations with whom they share common beliefs and heritage.

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