Turkey’s Genocide

Well done President Joe Biden for calling the massacre of Armenians in Turkey by its correct name – genocide.

It’s time the world recognises that the first Genocide of the 20th century occurred in a Muslim nation, Turkey, killing a million and a half of its peace abiding citizens. The reason was none other than the pending disintegration of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey today). The nation was going through dreadful war conditions. What better to distract its citizens from their own government’s incompetence and failures than the tried and tested method of scapegoating its own resident minorities who conveniently happened to be the “INFIDEL” Christian Armenians.

President Erdogan, currently stripping his nation of its hard-earned Ataturk freedoms, is finding excuses and justifications for this crime when in fact a long overdue Turkish apology and compensation to the Armenians is what is needed. Germany submitted an official state apology to Israel with regard to the Holocaust. Time Turkey does the honourable same to its own Armenian victims!

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